Procedure for 3d exterior visualization and animation:

1. Provision of all technical documentation by the client;

2. Drawing up the technical assignment:

– Finalization of the project (if necessary);

– Necessary number of renders with viewing angles;

– Determination of zones of showing in 3d animation, duration of aniation in seconds.

3. Creation and coordination of draft renders in black and white (2 versions of edits);

4. Creation and coordination of draft renders in color (2 versions of edits);

5. Create and coordinate final renders in color (2 edits);

6. Creating and coordinating the script of the rough animated video in black and white (2 edits);

7. Creation and coordination of the draft animation video in color (2 versions of edits);

8. Creation and coordination of the final animation video in color (edits excluded)

***The animation video demonstrates only those zones that were reflected in the renderings. In case of necessity of demonstration of zones, which were not included in the renderings, these works are agreed separately.

Necessary list of documents to perform works on 3d exterior visualization and animation:

– General plan of the built-up area (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit);

– Floor plans of premises (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit);

– Building facade layouts (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit);

– Roof plan (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit);

– Lighting plan with equipment specification (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit)*

– Specification of finishing materials, fences, windows, doors, decorative elements for buildings***

– Plan of landscaping with specification of materials, equipment and furniture: access roads, walkways, MAFs, pool area, furniture, fencing, decorative elements, art objects, lighting (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD. Revit)*

– Architectural 3d model (3d max, ArchiCAD. Revit)*

***In our experience, the following situation arises: an architectural company has not yet completed the project, and the client needs to promptly launch the sales process. In the absence of this technical information, our specialists will be able to refine your project for our team to work on creating high-quality visual content for sales.

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